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Brett WalkerI first became interested in Personal Development several years ago when I was working in Sales.   We were told that before you could sell the product you had to sell yourself and establish good rapport with the customer.

I quickly realized that my income depended on what sort of a person I was and that if I spent some time on self-improvement then I could earn more.  So, as I travelled around visiting customers I used to play personal development CDs in my car.   The result was that I quickly became one of the top salesmen in the company for the product I was selling.

Later on I met a Personal Development Coach called Roy Savery.  Roy had become a top salesman, author, International Speaker and Personal Development Coach.  I asked him to mentor me and later on we produced the book   Successful Living – Your Road To Success”.

 So what is personal development?

Personal development means different things to different people.  It can be defined as a conscious effort to improve one’s life.  This includes all areas of your life:  mental, physical, social and spiritual.

It goes back a long way.  In fact it started over 3,000 years ago with a man called King Solomon.  He was reputed to be the wisest man in his generation and other kings and queens used to visit him from far away to listen to him and learn from him.  And because he was wise he was also very rich – the richest man in his generation.

He had a son and he wanted his son to be as wise as he was and so he wrote down some advice for him which came to be called, “The Book of Proverbs”.   It is divided up into 31 chapters so that you can read one chapter each day and then start again.  Unfortunately, Solomon’s son did not take his father’s advice and he ended up losing most of his wealth.

Today we know more about the subject of Personal Development because much research has been done in areas such as Neuroscience and Positive Psychology.  Consequently, there is more interest in Personal development today than ever before and we have more information and resources available to us than ever before about how to improve our lives.

Yet, because there is so much information available about personal development there is also much confusion and many people are probably confused about how to start. This is one reason why I write this blog. I want to research the personal development ideas to find ones that have persisted and are effective.  Another thing that I do is search the internet to find interesting and encouraging stories.

 Personal Development – Laying The Foundations

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your personal development quest:

  •  Realize that you are always changing. The truth is that we are continually changing and developing whether we realize it or not.  Therefore, it is very likely that those individuals who take an active role in developing themselves will achieve more than someone who is not interested in personal development.
  • Realize that you are responsible for how you live your life. Your thoughts and actions determine what you will get from life.
  • Realize that you determine your own happiness.  You can decide to be happy and when you’re happy you become more effective and you achieve more.
  • How you think influences how you act. And how you act will determine the results you get from life.
  • Our actions become habits and our habits build our character and our destination in life.
  • So to get the most from life we may need to create new habits, which means first creating new thoughts and actions.
  • Learn from your past.  Whilst you can’t change your past, you can look back on it and learn from your mistakes and your successes.
  • Be optimistic about your future. You don’t know what the future may bring but,  if you remain optimistic, you will act in positive ways that help to create a bright future.

If you do this the result will be that you will have a life that is more fulfilled, you will improve your self-esteem and have more direction for your life, and we all want that don’t we?

So take a look around the site and you will find many articles and other free resources that will help you in your quest for personal development.   For example, there is free wallpaper,  books and reports.   I suggest that you start off by getting our Free Report, “How To Be Happy” which was produced by myself and Roy Savery and is based on our book, “Successful Living”.

Personal Development News

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