Seven Tips for Brain Enhancement

5 years, 1 month ago

brain enhancementHave you ever noticed that when you always do the same mundane things then you feel less mentally sharp? It  is an actual physical truth that  if you use your brain for new tasks, then it becomes sharper.

In fact, our brains have an ability to actually change their structure and physiology in response to new challenges and stimuli. To give your mind this kind of stimulation and growth, try some of these brain enhancent tips below:

  1. Read something new every day.

Readingis a complicated mental process which requires you to process information quickly. Try reading something new every day about topics that interest you. This will give you the added benefit of novelty, brain enhancement and you’ll learn something new as well

2.      Play mental games.

Puzzles such as Sudoku , crosswords, brain teasers and mazes are all effective ways to challenge your mind. So try something new and really give your brain a workout. Even the occasional video game can help with brain enhancement.

  • These exercises are all especially good if they are new experiences for you. Someone who is just beginning Sudoku puzzles will experience greater brain enhancement than someone whohas been doing them for years.

3. Play music.

Learning a new musical instrument is a great way to challenge your mental fitness. This is particularly true for someone who has never played a musical instrument.

  • Learning musical theory is like learning a new language. Not only is music an enjoyable way to spend free time, but it’s also great for brain enhancement.
  • Listening to music, especially baroque music and Mozart is also good for brain enhancement.

4.      Exercise regularly.

When you move your body during exercise it accomplishes many things:

  • The brain sends stronger impulses to your muscles when you move vigorously or against resistance.
  • The coordination required and the use of muscles not normally used both challenge the brain.
  • You increase the flow of blood and nutrients through the brain.

5.  Challenge your memory.

Each day, take some time out and try to remember what happened the previous day. What did you eat for lunch? What happened at work? Try to remember what you did last weekend and then what happened last Easter or Christmas.

Make a list of 10 items and then see if you can remember them. Part of the memory loss which is sometimes associated with aging is due to not using our powers of recollection on a regular basis.

6. Meditate your way to mental fitness.

Meditation challenges your brain by creating a new mental state. It’s relaxing, plus it teaches your mind the ability to focus, which is a huge task for many of us. Meditation is a great way to improve mental fitness.  Meditate on something which you find inspirational or motivational.

7.      Watch less television.

You’ll be amazed how much better you you will feel if you watch less TV. If you watch less TV you will create time to improve your mind and body that you would not otherwise have. It’s not called the idiot box for nothing.

Your mental fitness doesn’t have to decline dramatically as you age. The key is to expose yourself to new and challenging experiences on a regular basis which will aid brain enhancement. So break up your routine and try something new.

Doing something new that makes you really think is even better. Turn off the TV and work on a Sudoku puzzle. Take up a musical instrument. Try a physical activity that’s new to you. There are lots of ways to improve your mental fitness. You can get started today on your road to brain enhancement!

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  1. That was a good read, guys.
    From what I’ve learned over the years about the things you’re talking about, most of what you say is accurate.

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